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Oetiker Fittings

Oetiker Fittings and Couplings in Sydney, Australia

Oetiker is a prominent manufacturer that's part of the technology universe. It's a major powerhouse all over the world. It doesn't matter if you're based in Australia, South America, North America, Europe or Asia. You can find Oetiker products in the Czech Republic, South Korea, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Turkey and beyond. When you need high-quality fittings and couplings made by Oetiker, you don't have to worry.

Top-Quality Oetiker Products

Fracks Air Compressors is a Sydney-based business that can accommodate all of your needs. We specialise in all types of products here. When you need top-quality compressed-air products, we can serve you. When you need top-quality couplings, we can serve you, too.

Our Oetiker couplings are durable, reliable and made with the highest quality. When you're on the lookout for reliable couplings and fittings in Australia, Fracks Air Compressors is the indisputable answer. 

Swing Coupling Options

We carry swing couplings in numerous models and sizes. If you need a smaller DN11 option, you can count on us. If you need a smaller DN6 one, you can count on us, too. We mainly cater for nitto fittings, but we special order the majority of widely known plug systems.

We offer couplings that are appropriate for many diverse industry uses. When you're searching for Oetiker couplings and fittings that optimise maximum convenience and ease, you can count on us. The safety level of our Oetiker swing couplings is the portrait of reliability, efficiency and dependability that’s unparalleled.

They're all extremely user-friendly, too. Our swing couplings abide by any necessary quality guidelines that are in place. They're also equipped with Swiss Accident Insurance Institute SUVA certification. This can do wonders for your peace of mind.

Contact Us Today

We make locating and buying exceptional couplings and fittings in Sydney, and Australia wide, stress-free and uncomplicated. Get in touch with Fracks Air Compressors as soon as possible to find out more about our offerings. Call us on  02 9211 1163 to learn more.

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