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Air Filtration & Other Services in Sydney

Professional air compressor repairs and servicing

Our highly experienced and skilled compressed air technicians are available 24/7 to keep your equipment's compressed air supply up and running. From compressed air system installations to scheduled air compressor maintenance and inspection programs, our expert team can take care of every aspect.

A diverse range of air compressors

If you are looking for a brand name air compressor at a competitive price, talk to our expert team today. They can advise you on the ideal machine and equipment to suit your specific requirements from quality makes including Swan, Markwell, and Kaeser.

Air treatment


fracks air compressor filter
Our proprietary range of filtration equipment is designed to remove pollutants and damaging particles from the air before it is cycled into your compressed air system. Cleaner air will facilitate longer equipment life and reduce downtime caused by contaminates in the air.


kaeser air dryers

The number one enemy of your compressed air system is moisture, and the resulting corrosive damage that it can cause to your compressor and any equipment that is connected to it. The very action of compressing air squeezes the moisture out, allowing it to condense inside pipes, air receivers and virtually anywhere else that the air passes through.

Our highly efficient dryers will drastically reduce the amount of moisture that finds its way into your compressed air system and equipment, saving you downtime and costly repairs while extending the life of your air compressor.

Air receivers

compressed air tank
The air receiver in your compressed air system plays a vital role in storing ready supplies of compressed air delivered by the air compressor. It is also the first line of defense against the ingress of moisture because the air receiver is the first place that the condensation of the moisture occurs. From here, it is usually automatically drained before it can reach the air lines and your equipment.

Compressor hire

kaeser air filtration
We provide competitive hire terms on a range of mobile diesel air compressors. 240 and 412-volt piston type compressors are also available for hire, so call us anytime for prompt, reliable compressor hire service.

Oil free dental air compressors

oilless dental compressors
Here at Fracks Pty Ltd, we are the air compressor experts in all types of compressed air installations including the highly specialised area of oil-free dental compressors. Whether you need sales service or hire while your existing equipment is being serviced, our team can take care of all of your dental air compressor requirements.

All in one place

thumbs up service

All of your air compressor requirements in one place.

From 24/7 service and repair backup to complete installations and compressed air components, we have everything you need right here at Fracks Pty Ltd.

Oetiker Swing Couplings

Oetiker Swing Couplings male

TST Swing Couples SC are available in nominal sized DN6 to DN11 and in different models. They are compatible with most popular plug systems, the many different types and models and a wide choice of seals and lubricants man that TST Couplings are suitable for numerous applications through-out industry.

Durability, reliability, simple and safe handling are all features of TST Swing Couplings. TST Swing Couplies fulfil all the required of current quality standards and have also been aware a type examination certificate from the Swiss Accident Insurance Institute SUVA. 

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